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  • Mortgage Loan

    Mortgage Loan

    Finding and financing the home of your dreams is easier than you think. Our expert loan officers will guide you step by step, and will offer you competitive rates and a variety of terms to fit your budget.


  • Home Equity Loan

    Home Equity Loan

    Put your home to work for you! The equity you've built over the years can turn into cash that you can use for almost anything—from vacations to home improvements. We'll help you get there!


  • Construction Loan

    Construction Loan

    Can't find the home of your dreams? No problem! Build it from the ground up with a construction loan. Our expert loan officers will work with you all the way, from ground-breaking to house-warming party.


  • Auto Loan

    Auto Loan

    Now is the time to get that new car or truck. Bank of Idaho can help with low-rate loans and payment terms to fit all budgets. We also gladly finance any recreational vehicle, whether you need four, two, or no wheels at all!


  • Personal Loan

    Personal Loan

    Get anything you want or need, whenever you want or need to! Our loan experts will work with you to customize a personal loan as individual as you are. Competitive rates and affordable terms will make things easy.


  • Flight Reserve Line of Credit

    Flight Reserve Line of Credit

    We all make mistakes. Protect yourself from unexpected expenses or calculation errors with a Flight Reserve Line of Credit. Funds transfer directly to your checking so you can maintain your good credit history.


  • Visa Credit Cards

    Visa Credit Cards

    We offer a variety of credit cards to fit your needs, all with the purchasing power of Visa®. Whether you are looking to accumulate travel rewards or want to re-establish your credit history, we've got you covered.